Service and sales of spare parts for ČKD Hořovice engines

Our service department provide service and sells spare parts for engines S 110, S 150 and S 160 series made in ČKD Hořovice. List of motor types in PDF


We provide and offer:

  • Regular service including contractual periodic checkups
  • Service from regular checkups, decarbonization up to major repairs, complete adjustment of the engine, combustion and compression pressure setting, signalization and protection sensors setting etc.
  • assembly
  • professional supervisor during relocation of the device
  • reconstruction of some diesel engines to alternative fuel sources
  • electro revisions of serviced devices
  • technical help and consultations


We supply spare parts for diesel and gas engines ČKD HOŘOVICE, SLAVIA stationary as well as naval types and its application (for example diesel units, pump drives etc.) including accessories of engines and engine rooms (turbochargers, regulators, filters, coolers, pumps, compressors etc.).
We hold wide range of original spare parts on stock.

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